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Illuminated Mailbox ®

What you have been waiting for many years has finally arrived
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About the Illuminated Mailbox ®

This mailbox is invented and patented after many generations have had difficulties identifying their property addresses at night time

The new and unique illuminated mailbox is made of heavy duty pvc plastic color infused that will prolong the color and life of the mailbox. It has a custom solar panel on its roof that powers the battery used to illuminate the property address via L.E.D lights. The numbers are easily identified during the day due to the color and design. But at night is when the value of the mailbox comes alive.

This mailbox contains exterior illuminated numbers or letters that will help the general public, law enforcement and fire rescue department to quickly identify a home's property address at night time. If there are any natural disaster and there is loss of power, this mailbox would still light up the property address and help the rescue team find locations.

The interior space of the mailbox remains open to receive all correspondences as a standard mailbox.

There is no other mailbox on the market like this one. The numbers are individual and easy to slide into the track on this unique mailbox. This is what the public has been waiting for years

This mailbox was invented and patented by Efrain Fonseca.

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Unique Features

The First Good Impression of Your House is with an Unique Illuminated Mailbox

Illuminated Area

Simple ways to make your neighborhood a safer place.

Easy to find

Easy-to-locate addresses.

LED Numbers

Mailbox lights at night.


Slide your own numbers.

Solar Power

The Illuminated Mailbox ® is powered by an included solar panel and low voltage battery.


Made of strong PVC guarantees a long lasting product.

High Quality, Elegant & Durable

  • > Made of strong PVC
  • > Designed for Large Projects or Houses
  • > Important for Emergency Calls (Minutes Make the Difference)

Illuminated Mailbox ® Specs

Description of parts in the Illuminated Mailbox ®.

Illuminated Mailbox Specs


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